Rules and regulation

General Rules for Hang gliding and paragliding in Denmark

  • You can fly using your national license for a period of max. 30 days.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • No flying above 150 meters (500 ftMSL) without a reserve parachute.
  • Only VFR flights may be performed.
  • Flights must not be performed below 150 m (500 ft) over the sensitive nature areas mentioned in BL 7-16.
  • Flights must not be performed closer than 25 m to any person, grazing livestock, building, vehicle or public road
  • You must have third party liability insurance.
  • Always bring your certificate.
  • Flying without instructor supervision requires a rating equivalent to FAI SafePro-3/ParaPro-3, FAI IPPI-3, BHPA Club Pilot (Novice), USHPA Hang-3 or similar.
  • Cross country flying requires a rating equivalent to FAI SafePro-4/ParaPro-4, FAI IPPI-4, BHPA Pilot, USHPA Hang-4 or similar.
  • You are not allowed to fly higher than 1050 meters (3500 feet MSL) anywhere in Denmark.
  • In Denmark, it is not allowed to educate any student at any level without a class 1 or 2 instructor license issued by the DHPU (Danish Hanggliding and Paragliding Union.

Here is a link to the official rules and regulations on hang gliders and paragliders